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STAR AFRIQUE METER opted for an irreproachable manufacture quality and service. To all levels, our staff achieves some tasks with seriousness and expertises and that, thanks to a rigorous continuing training. Some procedures initiated since the company creation and each of the realized actions forms a quality product. The totality of our meters production is controlled; each of them has a control production card that remains protected during several years. Thus, we have 2 laboratories, one toward the production meters control and the other toward the developed software.

In intern, and this in order to maintain our quality, we appropriate a sampling of 12,5% of the production on which we achieve supplementary controls (magnetic field, fraud, overloads, power, warnings …)

The software that we develop for our systems, or particular needs expressed by our customers (new modules, interfaces, utilities…), are firstly tested and over tests are achieved in our laboratory. We reproduce different platforms in all kind depending of the site where this software must be installed. It prevents us from meeting some problems on site.

A Call Centre is at the disposal of our customers, every working day, in order to help them. This service is essentially used at the time of the sale of global system like, the prepaid system or PLC, where we give some instructions by telephone or via PC, after authorization given by the Customer, to intervene in his system.

A team of intervention on site, is also available, that permits to make curative and preventive interventions.
All the interventions done by this center are registered and saved and are strengthened at the end of month. Reports are sent to the Client Centers concerned.

These teams follow a training schedule as well as on the technical level (SQL, Network, Telecom and Communication) than on customer relationship (Quality and Customer Relation).

A Training Centre We have 2 meeting rooms which contains about 10 people and a third one capable to go until 80 people. Thus, we can organize training seminaries for our Customers, to all hierarchy levels; from the meters using and connecting, up to the system use in its totality, without forgetting its maintenance.
These training aimed to the managers, operators, technicians, agents and maintenance services.

A Quality Management Service (QMS) insures continually that the procedures as well as the ISO 9001 Version 2000 standards are respected. Some controls are done regularly to all the production line levels as well as the Call Center.

Its also has for mission to improve the manufacturing process as well as the customer relationship. So all the tasks are timed and statistics of production are regularly issued. The customer intervention demands are followed. The solutions, the service quality as well as the time of reactivity are analyzed. In order to keep our staff motivated, meetings as well as notice boards inform them of the objectives and the monthly results.

Our products are certified by international renown laboratories (KEMA, PTB).